Every single person has thoughts that bombard our mind constantly. 

What’s for dinner tonight?

Did I turn off the coffee maker?

Am I performing well at my job?

But, let’s talk about a new mom, specifically one who is suffering from a maternal mental illness? Thoughts can become debilitating and quite frankly too much to handle alone. When you add a newborn to the mix, you immediately worry and concern for an entirely new person. Now, on top of all of the thoughts that were racing before, you have new ones, and sometimes thoughts that you can’t seem to control.

This is where talking it out comes into play to help you manage those thoughts. When you say your thoughts out loud, you can more easily make sense of them and start to manage them better.  Sometimes you can even come to the realization that the scary, negative thoughts that keep returning (intrusive thoughts) are just that – thoughts. Once we decide that these thoughts aren’t reality, we can find better ways control them.

Who am I supposed to talk to? I’m afraid to say what I’m feeling because other people might judge me.

Whether you go to your best friend, a family member, or a therapist, expressing your thoughts and getting them out of your head can make them seem not so real and stressful. Even journaling can be a way of “talking it out” – releasing your negative thoughts down on paper and out of your mind truly makes more space for healthy thoughts.

Talking with a family member or best friend can be helpful, but keep in mind that you want to be able to comfortably express all of your emotions. Joining one of our support groups is a great place to find other moms who understand what you are going through, and be able to talk about your thoughts without feeling alone. You can find out more about our peer support groups on our website, HERE.

Seeing a therapist or counselor and engaging in talk therapy is another great way to work through your emotions. When you talk with a professional about what you are feeling, they are able to give you feedback and help you work through those feelings. A therapist or counselor will also help with gently pointing you in the right direction if they feel like you need more support. You can find a listing of therapists and counselors in the Charleston area on our website, HERE.

One way or another, we all know that bottling up our emotions and pushing our feelings away is not healthy. Talk about your feelings and search for the support that you need in this time of your life.

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