So far in this series, we’ve talked about simple, effective ways to get yourself mentally feeling better. Let’s finish this series with some additional natural things that you can be incorporated at home as components of care to stay well!

Eating Well

Let me start by saying that eating my favorite junk food sometimes really does make me feel better. But, here we are talking about those specific foods that can boost serotonin and are chemically conducive to a healthy brain.

Omega-3 fatty acids – fish, flax and chia seeds, and even walnuts are great sources!

Folic acid- lots of food are high in folic acid, including legumes, eggs, spinach, and citrus!

Not only eating healthy food, but not skipping a meal is so important. Our mind can’t function if we don’t give it fuel. So even on the hardest days where we can’t seem to fit lunch in, remember that this directly affects your mental health.


In today’s world, coffee is a staple. Caffeine in some form is consumed daily, especially by us mamas! Exhausted, didn’t get enough sleep – start that coffee maker! 

But don’t forget about the water. WATER! Dehydration actually causes fatigue and confusion. Your mind physically can’t function properly, let alone the rest of your body. So treat yourself to a fancy new water bottle and keep it by your side to stay hydrated.

Massage Therapy

I know that not everyone has the luxury to go to a spa and get a massage (and if you do, take advantage of that!). But you can take several minutes to massage your own neck/shoulders, or your own hands and feet. This simple act of massaging will reduce stress and get you feeling better!

Epsom Salt Baths

If you are like me and love a warm soak in the tub, don’t forget to add your epsom salt. Magnesium (which is in epsom salt) is linked to lowering stress levels and having a positive affect on mental health. It also helps your body release melatonin, which can aid in sleeping if you are suffering from insomnia. 


I know. This is a joke, right?

But seriously, try to get as much sleep as you can. Turn off your electronics and sleep as much as possible, whenever possible. Do you have a friend who can come watch the baby for a little bit? Great! Take that nap. Sleep deprivation is directly related to mental illnesses, so do whatever you can to get that rest!


Go outside in the sunshine and soak up the Vitamin D. Absorbing sufficient Vitamin D is shown to prevent mental illnesses, and it just feels good! So if the sun’s out, try to get outside and enjoy it.

Now, you have some wonderfully simple and natural ways to help you get well. Don’t forget about the previous parts in this series – Movement, Meditation and Talking it Out.

To close out the series, here is a message from the organization.

In our Talk It Out series, we discussed the importance of talking with a medical professional as a component of care. It is under the care of a medical professional, whether that be your primary care physician, your OBGYN or a psychiatrist, where you will talk about your medication options. Prescribed medications are an important component of care for so many moms struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. As a followup to our series, look for our next blog posting where we hear from a medical professional in the community about how medications have a role in the treatment of PPD and how your doctor can help you make decisions around this component of care.

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