You belong here, mama. You deserve support, you deserve to be listened to, you deserve love.

One week from today, we are having a celebration for you. A gathering to pamper you, support you, and talk about maternal mental health.

Climb Out of the Darkness is a worldwide event that is hosted by Postpartum Support International. This “climb” represents the journey that we have all been on or are currently going through.

This darkness, we all know.

At the event, you will have the opportunity to write a little bit about your personal journey. These “I Climb Because” cards will be posted for others to see. For others to relate to, to feel a sense of belonging, to feel seen. I encourage you to think about this over the next week – think about what you want to write.

“I Climb because I want every mom to know that she is not alone, even when it feels like she is.”

“I Climb because I don’t want another mother to lose her life to maternal mental illnesses.”

“I Climb because I am Strong!”

We come together to climb together. We gather together to show our support for one another, and to BE supported.

So, this is an invitation to EACH. AND. EVERY. MOM. The Climb is an event made just for you. It’s low key, family friendly, and free.

We will have free food and drinks, activities, and local businesses there, just for you. You will also have the opportunity to earn free raffle tickets for some amazing prizes (check out the prizes here!).

Come. Join us. Climb out of YOUR Darkness with us.

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