When we all think about needing support for mental health, we often think about in-person support groups. You know, the kind of gathering where you can connect with people like you (mothers) who are struggling with a mental health concern. And we offer those groups for most of the year.

But during the summer, we understand that groups are hard to come to. With so many obligations, traveling, family in town, or just the sweltering heat, it’s not easy to set aside time and make it to a support group.

Or even if you have just had a baby and you aren’t ready to go out with your newborn, an in-person group might not be helpful for you.

…and what about when our little ones are sick and we can’t go anywhere.

This list is endless.

Virtual options are here to help, mama.

Postpartum Support Charleston offers several options for virtual support. And even beyond our organization, there are lots of options for support from other organizations and at all times of the day.

Below, we’ve included all of the free options for support.  However, if you are looking for more options, there are many that are available for a fee.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about paid options for support.

Mom Mentors

Anytime throughout the year, our Mom Mentors are available for one-on-one support. This amazing team of volunteers are mamas that have been through their own maternal mental health struggles. With their huge hearts, they get paired with new moms to help walk them through their motherhood journey. Whether it’s through a phone call, text messaging, or even meet-ups, our Mom Mentors are here to help support you!

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is available for local mamas to join, ask questions and get support from other mamas in the area. The best form of peer support. We also have a chat in this closed group for baby item swapping, so if you need anything, please ask!

Virtual Therapist-Led Support Group

Since we know how hard it can be to get out of the house, we offer two virtual therapist-led support options for moms. Join Miranda Layton, LICSW-CP, as she hosts this monthly group every 2nd Tuesday at 11 am. If you need a group that meets outside of business hours, join Catherine Broom, LMHC, on the last Saturday of each month at 9 am. The group is limited to 6 mothers, so each new mom has a chance to talk if she wants to about what she is going through.

Virtual Therapy Sessions

Here in SC, we have lots of therapists and psychiatrists who can see patients virtually. If you would like help finding a medical professional to talk to, please reach out to us or view our list of resources. If you need assistance navigating and narrowing down this list, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you with this.

Postpartum Support International

Virtual Support Groups – Talk about all the groups a mom could ever need. PSI has really done an amazing job of adding groups for all different situations – everything from military moms, mindfulness, support for parents of 1-4 year olds, birth trauma, black support. The list goes on and on. They have over 30 groups every week. They even have groups in Spanish.

Chat with an Expert – Every Wednesday, PSI hosts a “Chat with an Expert” where moms can call in and talk one-on-one with someone about their mental health. The first 15 callers are accepted: call 1-800-944-8766 (Participant Code: 73162).

Specialized Coordinators – Just as PSI has done a wonderful job of making available support groups, their specialized coordinator list is even more extensive. They have a specialized coordinator for just about every issue you could think of. If you want to speak to someone one-on-one who specializes in something you might be going through, check out their list.

Maternal Mental Health Hotline

If you are in need of talking to someone immediately, any day of the year and any time of the day, please call the Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 1-833-852-6262 (1-833-TLC-MAMA). A professional will be on the other line to help you find the next steps in your healing.

We are here to help support you, even if it’s not in person. Know that you have options in what your healing looks like. Please reach out if you need any support and we will be here for you.

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