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Moms in our community are silently struggling. One in five moms will suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety. Maternal mental illness is the No. 1 complication of pregnancy and yet it’s completely treatable. Unfortunately, only about 15% of mothers who are suffering will reach out. Suicide is a leading cause of death for postpartum women.

The statistics are sobering.

You have a passion for moms and a desire to help. Yet, you wonder how to affect real change. How can you have a tangible impact on the moms in our community?

It’s as simple and as powerful as a homemade meal and a newborn care package.

Postpartum Support Charleston launched a new program in 2021 called Beyond Delivery to provide new moms in the Charleston area with a homemade lasagna and newborn care package. But even more importantly, our volunteers will provide emotional support, education and resources to new moms and their families.

Lack of basic infant necessities such as diapers and poor social support are risk factors to a new mom experiencing maternal mental illness. Through this free community program, we aim to alleviate some of these risk factors with our care packages and our peer support services.

How it works: Our volunteers personally deliver the meal and care package after mom is discharged from the hospital. If a mom needs extra support, we’ll connect her with our distinct peer support system of mom mentors. We also provide access to dynamic mental and physical health professionals and resources.

The personal connection and empathetic experience of our moms-for-moms support system coupled with expansive health and wellness expertise provides the approachable, comprehensive and impactful safety net to help a suffering mom learn how to put herself first for the sake of her health and her baby’s. In tandem, we also work to educate our mamas’ support system of family and friends on how to help their loved one move into a happy, healthy motherhood.

In the more than 20 years since Postpartum Support Charleston was founded, we have witnessed the devastating impact of maternal mental illness. We’ve known women who have lost their battle to postpartum depression, we have heard stories of mothers separated from their children, and we have heard of the long-term impacts this illness has on families.

Mothers need our help and the support of the community. That’s why we created the Beyond Delivery program.

The success of our programs depends on the generosity of supporters like you. Since our launch of this program on October 1, 2021, we have delivered over 500 meals and care packages and supported more than 850 new moms in the community. Together, with our amazing sponsors and community members, we will be on our way to reaching the 10,000+ moms that give birth every year in the Charleston Tri-County area.

Mom first supporters

As part of our monthly subscriber family, you will receive:

  • A welcome kit in the mail

  • Quarterly impact stories from mothers in the Charleston community

  • Invitation to our yearly open house event

  • Recognition in our end-of-year correspondence

  • Early access and special check in to our events throughout the year

Make an Impact in the Life of a Mom & her family

With your support, new moms will receive:

  • A homemade lasagna

  • Infant care packet

  • Peer support access

  • Free support groups in person and online

  • Local and national resource list for resource to help with care

  • Access to our online, private FB support group

  • A coupon to redeem a 2nd free lasagna through our partner, Lasagna Love

  • A feeling of support from their community

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