Hold On Pain Ends

Hope. It’s essential. It’s vital. It gives us strength and comfort. It can get us through the darkest night. For so many women it is the one thing they desperately need to get through the postpartum period. Hope that they won’t always feel like this. Hope that this won’t harm their children. Hope that their relationships can survive this. Hope that someone will understand. Hope that someone will help.

Hope is one of the first things that Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and OCD tries to steal from you. Depression tells you that no one cares, Anxiety tells you that you are ruining everything, OCD tells you that you will hurt or be unable to protect your baby. They are liars. But when your own brains seems to have turned on you, where do you find hope? How do you hold on until the pain ends when you honestly can’t see an end to the pain?

HopeThis is why we are here. THIS is what we do. You may have noticed that our tagline – “Educating. Supporting. Healing.” We exist to show moms, dads, families, and providers that there is a way out of this. Each path is different. Some include medication, therapy, support groups, online groups, diet changes, exercise, vitamins, acupuncture, massage… there are as many paths as there are women. The important thing is that there is also hope.

950,000 women will suffer from a maternal mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD or psychosis) each year. That’s 1 in 5 new moms. What they need most of all is hope. They need to know that they are not alone, that in fact they are far from being alone. They need to know that they can reach out for help and help will reach back. They need to know that if they can just Hold On, Pain Ends.

How can you help? You can share this post with a new or expecting mama. You can share it on social media. You can contact us and volunteer.  You can donate time or money or both! You can ask a new mom how she is doing – and listen to her answer.

If you need help please reach out. Please know that we are here. Please Hold On until the Pain Ends. Please have HOPE.

By: Graeme Seabrook.
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