The process of returning to work after having a baby can be tough. Some moms transition well into having time this time to do what they love, while others find it excruciating to leave baby and spend hours each day at work. And some moms feel both ways at the same time.

I often come across this common situation: a new mother is confronted with the challenge of resuming work and feels uncertain about navigating this transition.


“How am I supposed to leave my baby in the hands of someone else?”
“I’m so exhausted, how am I going to have energy to work?”
“I can’t even keep up with the household chores as it is.”

“I’m looking forward to time with other adults, but I’m going to miss being with my baby.”

It’s not easy. And from experience, I know how tough it is to work and have a little one.

Toughest of all is the transition – going from taking care of your little baby all day and night to taking care of the needs of others at work. And don’t forget about taking care of your OWN needs!

So, I’ve put together some great words of advice from our support group mamas. There’s infinite words of wisdom for a new mom going back to work, and these are just a few.

Advice from Moms about returning to work

You’re feelings are valid and real!  This is tough and that’s okay.

You are a new person now that you are a mom. You have different priorities and needs, so remember that!

It might take a while to get into the new rhythm but take each day one step at a time.

Give yourself grace!

Recognize and embrace your limitations – don’t be afraid to say no.

You will feel guilt but try to not spend too much unnecessary energy on this.

Put yourself first.

Things don’t have to be the same as they were – you are a new person, and sometimes your job has to adjust to that.

You are not alone!

You can look forward to going back but still struggle. That’s okay!

Join a support group and talk about how you are feeling.

Share how you are feeling with those around you – your doctor, your family, even your coworkers!

Be proud of yourself, mama! You are an amazing example of a strong woman for your little one!

If it’s too much to handle, there are options. Change what you need to in order for your work to fit into your life.

Bottom line, it’s a hard transition. But it does get better with time.

We know it’s not easy to go back to work, but you have all the support from moms who have been in your shoes.  Reach out on our private Facebook page if you need some support or consider being paired with one of our Mom Mentors to some one-on-one support.

You’ve got this mama. Do what you need to do to make things manageable and fit into what you and your family need.


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