I was reading a post this morning about encouraging new mothers; giving them hope that things will get better and reminding them that they are not alone.

And I sat there reading the line, “you got this, mama,” I couldn’t help but think – Why are we encouraging mamas to do this alone?

So, I’m changing the thought process. Instead of telling a mother that SHE has the strength to get well, I’m going to let her know that WE have the strength to get well.

This may be a bit extreme, but I think it’s important, especially in the postpartum journey, for moms to know that they are not alone. Yes, it’s the most isolating and lonely job when we are in it and struggling, but reaching out for support is key to getting well.

Any therapist would tell you that social connection is vital for a healthy mind. We are social by nature, right? Society, living amongst others, sharing in community. And even if we are introverted and don’t love leaving the comfort of our own home, it does have a magical way of boosting our mood when we get together with people who support us.

Postpartum Support Charleston has lots to offer in terms of social support. Our private Facebook group, our one-on-one Mom Mentors, the variety of support groups that we have throughout the week (Virtual Guided meditations, Gardening, Walking with 4th Trimester, Art Therapy, Virtual Therapy, and Walk and Play at Wannamaker). We have lots to offer a mom who is searching for some community.

But we are not the only option in Charleston for community. And I want to highlight some of my favorite groups that can help you build your own community of mama friends.

Charleston County Public Library or Dorchester County Public Library
Join the library for storytime! Babies can start storytime from birth! Babygarten is one group that meets for anyone 0-24 months and is a great way for you to meet other moms.

Charleston Moms
This is a wonderful local blog group that helps moms find community and get together! Check out their local Facebook groups for playdates!

Charleston OT Mommy and Me Milestones Classes
These groups are held every Friday at 9:30 am in West Ashley – learn a little about your baby while also getting some support for yourself!

Fit4Mom Charleston and Summerville
Both of these amazing groups have free play dates after their work outs, and even some meetups that are free!

Women of Qudra
This local nonprofit organization hosts monthly gatherings to empower and build community among women.

Lowcountry Babywearing Group
Come together at these local meetups to try on carriers and wraps and talk about all things babywearing!

La Leche League of Charleston
Meet ups for mothers who are breastfeeding or need support.

Hike It Baby Lowcountry
If you like getting outdoors and going on walks with your little one, this is the group for you!

These options are all free, but there are so many more in the area that do have a cost associated with them, if that is something that is within your budget. (Little Gym, Kindermusik, memberships to The Children’s Museum, The SC Aquarium, Charlestowne Landing)

Let us know what your favorite groups in Charleston are! We love being able to share these gatherings with all moms and help everyone build the community that they need!

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