We are coming up on Spring Break and I’m sure many of you mamas have traveling plans in the near future. I’ve talked to so many moms recently who are so anxious about traveling with their little ones for the first time. And rightly so!

You don’t know what to expect and you fear the worst. What if they cry on the plane, what if they don’t nap, what if they are awake all night because they aren’t at home. We can even be concerned about how our friends and family that we are visiting will respect our boundaries.

#1 – What about YOU?

I think first and foremost, we focus on what we need for baby. And yes, we will get there in this blog. But I want to stop here and focus on you.

Take care of YOUR needs during this trip, too. Stop when you need to move your body or use the restroom, bring your favorite snacks, download that book you’ve been wanting to listen to.

When you take care of YOU, you will have more strength and patience to take care of baby.

Set reminders in your phone that say, “What do I need right now?” so that you can tend to your needs as well.

You can even get a Mom Mentor to be there for you while you travel. Having a tough moment? Text your mom mentor to give you a pep talk!

#2 – What about BABY?

It’s so much to think about. So, I asked all our mamas on our Facebook group what for their favorite tips and tricks for traveling. Here are the responses!

  1. Buy the extra seat on the plane, if you can afford it. That little bit of extra room can be so helpful.

  2. Allow screens if your little one is old enough. More screen time during travel won’t hurt in the long run.

  3. Babywear! Use your stroller to carry your stuff and carry your little one close to you.

  4. If you need to warm up a bottle, Starbucks will give you a cup of hot water! Lifesaver.

  5. Practice! Take a night to try out the pack and play that you might be using. Practice loading and unloading your stroller to board the plane.

  6. Snacks!! Bring some that you don’t normally have so they are new and exciting!

  7. Take your time. If you are flying, don’t feel rushed – go slow and be sure you have all of your belongings.

  8. Try using a wagon instead of a stroller!

  9. Give your little one something to suck on during take off and landing. This will keep their ears from popping.

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. If you need help getting your bag out of the overhead compartment, the flight attendants are there for you!

  11. Use your stroller all the way up until you board. You can check the stroller at the gate.

  12. Bring toys that are compact and don’t make noise. For older ones, stickers are a hit!

  13. Use a Slumberpod blackout tent on their pack and play to be sure it’s nice and dark for sleepy time!

  14. Set the bar low. Don’t expect the worst but also know that there are going to be bumps in the road. Take your time, stop when you need to, give yourself extra time to get from one place to the other.

  15. Bring something for YOU! We focus on packing for baby, but bring your favorite snack or your earpods and a favorite podcast. Remember to take care of your basic needs during traveling too.

Remember, your mental health is important. If you are worried about traveling, talk to someone about it. Work through your worries and discover ways to find solutions to your concerns.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for traveling with a little one?

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